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StyleThe band is also known for its celebration of hedonism. Typical are a few lines from the album Too Much: "You know Tolstoy/I know Playboy [...\]/You know politics/I know party-chicks [...\]/You know too much too much." The Berliner Zeitung describes the band as "analoge Bohème," whilst the GZB makes reference to them as the best band in the world on a short track entitled "I want to party with the Bonaparte.".Media awards"Radio Award Für Neue Musik" from Popkomm, Germany, 2008"Style Award Domestic" from Musikexpress, Germany, 2009"Too Much" No. 1 Biggest Hit in 2009 from 78s Magazine, Switzerland, 2009"Best Art Project" from 16 Tons Awards, Moscow, Russia, 2009


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