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1/Maya a folk trio who have some resemblance to REM. In 1999 they released an album Otter Medicine at appearances. Acoustic tracks like Dear Friend show a great deal of energy. Use of guitar, violin and didgeridoo are predominant in most of the their tracks. 2/Maya - czech project of vocalist Nora Grundova and composer Darek Kral Discography: Stín andělů - 2003 Zprávy z budoucnosti - 2004 Skrývaný - 2007

Albums Maya

12 played on Radionomy

  • Maya

  • In the Spirit

  • Skryvany

  • Stin andelu

  • Zpravy z budoucnosti

  • The Illusion

  • Revalations

  • Zprávy z budoucnosti

  • Good Day and Good Bye

  • Taka kot sm

  • Ahimsa Groove

  • Ahimsa