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Penumbra is a French gothic metal band. Its last two albums were released through Season of Mist.Formation of PenumbraThe original founders of Penumbra were Jarlaath and Dorian, who met at a concert in 1996. They found that they had similar views and philosophies regarding music; both agreed that there were too many bands who had similar sounds, and not enough bands using classical influences. They agreed to rehearse together and shortly thereafter left their original bands to form Imperatoria.Around November 1996, Imperatoria split up and Jarlaath created a new band known as Penumbra. He was joined once again by Dorian, along with Herr Rikk and three other musicians. They first appeared at the St. Denis University Festival in 1997, where they were received well. Shortly after this, they had an offer to play with the French metal band Misanthrope. The same year, they released their first demo, "Falling Into My Soul".Recording of EmanateIn mid-1998, Penumbra's keyboard player, Benedicte, left the band to join Misanthrope. She was replaced by Zoltan. Medusa and Elise joined the band as sopranos and Amaris joined as a baritone. With this formation, the band recorded their first full-length album, Emanate, in the second half of 1998.In 1999 and 2000, Penumbra played live shows in France and Switzerland, as well as playing at the Leipzig Festival.Penumbra split up in 2009.


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