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There are several projects with name "Vladimir" 1) Vladimir play a mix of and akin to Mogwai, Sparklehorse or Mercury Rev. Their specific play with dynamics and melancholy render the standard laws of rock invalid. Vladimir taunt the listener with slow pieces only to surprise them with sudden full-blooded ferocity and unexpected turns; complete with trumpet. This is their MySpace. You can download the albums for free at the official vladimir website or listen to the track Favoured

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Radio RC | Raperos Cristianos | Revista digital de solo HipHop Gospel, dedicados a la promoción de artistas de rap cristiano "YO SOY RC".

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Barra Limpa

O melhor da música brasileira jovem dos anos 60,a pré e a jovem guarda, rock’n’roll, jazz, samba, romântica e brega.O sucesso do passado que volta a embalar as jovens tardes.

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Aqui toca o sucesso que embalou as jovens tarde de domingo.

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