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Bagatelle are an Irish rock band who first formed in August 1978. They are well known for their popular pop hits such as 'Second Violin', "Leeson Street Lady" and "Summer in Dublin", perhaps their best known, and best loved song.Formed in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the band first started to get noticed around the 70's. Fellow Irish musician Bono has commented on the impact that Bagatelle had on U2 in the early days of their career, Larry Mullen, of the same band, once famously said that he used to call them "Baga-Money", in reference to their fame, and that he wished that his band could be as successful as them.Bagatelle have shared stages with artists such as Bob Marley, Don McLean, Jose Feliciano and many, many more. They have had albums produced by Phil Coulter and the late Gus Dudgeon, who produced for David Bowie and Elton John. They also appeared on the "Self Aid" concert in the mid-1980s with U2 and Van Morrison.When the original Bagatelle got together to re-form the band in 1992, Polygram (now Universal), their record label, decided to release "The Best of Bagatelle and Liam Reilly", and followed this with Bagatelle Gold. The Band are now back touring and in December 2010 released an album of cover versions entitled "Under The Covers".Although the band never attained international acclaim, they remain a hugely popular band in their home nation of Ireland. However, the hit "Second Violin" was such a success in a distant country like Uruguay, that today it's still heard by the people.


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