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We Butter The Bread With Butter

We Butter The Bread With Butter

We Butter the Bread with Butter is a German deathcore band from Lübben noted for their heavy use of electronic music characteristics. The group was founded in 2007 by Marcel Neumann, was signed to Redfield Records and have released two albums through the label. Their debut album Das Monster aus dem Schrank was released on November 21, 2008. Their second album, Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging was released May 14, 2010. Their EP, Projekt Herz EP was released independently December 19, 2012. Their third studio album, Goldkinder, was released on August 9, 2013We Butter the Bread with Butter originally started as a duo, but during the summer of 2010, three members were inducted into the ensemble, assuming the requirements of a full band.HistoryWe Butter the Bread with Butter was founded in 2007 by Marcel Neumann, who was originally guitarist for Martin Kesici's band, and Tobias Schultka. The band was originally meant as a joke, but progressed into being a more serious musical duo. The name for the band has no particular meaning, although its origins were suggested from when the two original members were driving in a car operated by Marcel Neumann and an accident almost occurred. Neumann found Schultka "so funny that he briefly lost control of the vehicle." A tribute band I Can't Believe It's Not We Butter The Bread With Butter was founded later in 2007.On the "Infiziert-Tour 2008" (German: 'Infected-Tour 2008') they performed together with the German metalcore band Callejon and the post-hardcore band, The Parachutes in major cities in Germany such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart and furthermore opened for A Day to Remember multiple times. After that, both members turned to the production of their second full-length album, Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging, which was released on May 14, 2010 in Germany, the USA and Japan. During the production of the album, three new musicians joined WBTBWB with Kenneth Iain Duncan now being the second guitarist, Maximilian Pauly Saux playing the bass and Can Özgünsür as drummer.Tobias Schultka, vocalist and founding member of We Butter the Bread with Butter when the group was a duo, parted ways with the band in June 2010. The reason stated was because he wanted to focus into being an application developer for Apple Inc. Schultka is found on multiple websites and is known for his company and production of his iPhone game, Happy Chewing Gum. Schultka has since been replaced by Paul Bartzsch.On June 28, 2012, Kenneth Duncan announced his departure from the band via his personal Facebook page, citing creative and personal differences.On Oct 28, 2012 the band posted a video on YouTube called We Butter The Bread With Butter - New EP and Album Trailer. The video says that the EP will come out in 2012 and new album will come out on April 12, 2013. The day after the band Posted a picture of the album art for Projekt Herz EP on Facebook.On Nov 11, 2012 the band posted one of the new songs from their new EP on Facebook. The song name is USA.On Dec 19, 2012 the band release their first EP called "Projekt Herz EP".On Feb 17, 2013 the band posted a video on YouTube announcing the release date of their upcoming album - August 9, 2013On Apr 21, 2013 the band revealed via Facebook the cover and the name of the third album, Goldkinder, which will be released on August 9, 2013.On We Butter The Bread With Butter's UK tour, fans were able to receive a new single "Pyroman & Astronaut" from the merchandise area for free.On June 18, 2013 the band released another single off their upcoming album "Goldkinder" titled "Das Uhrwerk".On July 10, 2013 the band released their first music video for "Alles was ich will" off their upcoming album "Goldkinder" on their official YouTube channel.On July 16, 2013 the band revealed a USA tour via their official Facebook page.On August 9th, 2013 the band released their third studio album called "Goldkinder".


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