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The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers are a folk rock/country rock band from Upstate New York founded in 2006.Cultural referencesThe end of the song "Frankie's Gun!" is featured in the British sitcom Outnumbered's 2009 Christmas Special, where all the family are seen singing along to it in the closing sequence.The song "Whiskey In My Whiskey" is playing on the jukebox in Merlotte's bar in episode 7 of the first season of True Blood on HBO.The song "Her Eyes Dart Round" is featured in episode 7 of the fourth season of Skins on E4. Also, "Frankie's Gun!" is featured in the credits to the third season's finale."Frankie's Gun" can be heard on the bar jukebox in the film The Messenger."The intro to "Frankie's Gun" is looped during the final episode of the second season of Eastbound and Down, when Kenny returns to his brother's house in North Carolina.The song "Dallas" can be heard in the background of the bar scene in the film Seven Psychopaths.The song "Penn Station" is used as the weather segment for Episode 39 of the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.


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