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D12 is a Detroit rap act primarily known for their close association with Eminem, Bizarre, and deceased legend Proof. They formed in 1996 in Detroit but became extraordinarily successful after Eminem's rise to fame. They have been substantially on hiatus since Proof's death in 2006, but they had planned to release a new album in 2014. Although D12 means "Devil's Dozen," the outfit has never had more than eight members at a time. They began as a six-piece of up-and-coming Detroit rappers, including gravel-voiced Bizarre, Bugz, Proof, and an as-yet-unknown Detroit rapper who was just starting to build a reputation, Eminem. They released their first album, "The Underground EP", in 1997. Although it found a respectable following in the Motor City, the individual rappers began to work on their solo careers and the D12 project began to drift away. In 1999, just as Eminem's career was starting to push to stratospheric heights, Proof attempted to revitalize D12. He brought in a new rapper named Swift and put substantial time into the recording of a new album. Unfortunately, he was killed in a tragic incident in May 1999. In his honor Emimem rejoined the group and they released their major label debut, "Devil's Night," in June 2001. It debuted at the top of the U.S. charts and went on to sell more than two million copies. Their second album, "D12 World", performed a similar feat in 2004. Throughout the history of the group Eminem took pains not to overshadow the accomplishments of the rest of the artists. The entire lineup enjoyed successes on their own and further triumphs as a group. Sadly, Proof was killed in 2006, and after another album D12 entered an informal hiatus. Members such as Bizarre have left to pursue other projects, and it is unclear if or when a new album might arrive.


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