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Lovers Electric

Lovers Electric

"They dress sharp, sing good, have steady hearts and strong morals, and harbour an insane ability to combust a dancefloor at the drop of a stylus through their winning combination of low-key, high-brow groovature..." A Negative Narrative, U.K music blog"Teaming the fragile vocals of Eden Boucher with David Turley's big screen soundscapes, the album is a flashback to the more enduring moments of the 1980's, when Tears for Fears, Orchestral Manoervres in the Dark and Gary Numan were directing their electro pocket symphonies at heads rather than hips." Vogue Magazine"...combined with the couple's good looks and hands-on approach to every aspect of their music, from stage design to video direction, suggests they have an original recipe for pop stardom." Iain Sheddon, The Australian, National Newspaper"Surprising only to themselves, the laid-back pair has captured an infectious sound on their debut record that certainly radiates with a universal appeal." Rolling Stone Magazine


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