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Yanni (real name: Γιάννης Χρυσομάλλης / Yiannis Hrysomallis) born in November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece, is a Greek self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer. Although many fans and critics call his music , Yanni himself has distanced himself from that label. In his autobiography, Yanni devotes an entire chapter to the subject, stating that he prefers to call his music .

Albums Yanni

29 played on Radionomy

  • Tribute

  • If I Could Tell You

  • Yanni Live!

  • Ethnicity

  • Ultimate Yanni (disc 2)

  • Ultimate Yanni (disc 1)

  • Snowfall

  • The Very Best of Yanni

  • Winter Light

  • Steal the Sky

  • Someday

  • Love Songs

  • Nightbird

  • Devotion (The Best of Yanni)

  • Port Of Mystery

  • In the Mirror

  • Live at the Acropolis

  • I Love You Perfect

  • In My Time

  • Heart of Midnight

  • Romantic Moments

  • Dare to Dream

  • In Celebration of Life

  • Out of Silence

  • Optimystique

  • Reflections Of Passion

  • Niki Nana

  • Chameleon Days

  • Keys To Imagination