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Sole, born Tim Holland, is an alternative hip hop artist and a co-founder of the anticon. collective. Sole is known for his dense, often dark stream-of-consciousness writing style. His verses are often filled with abstraction, metaphor and sarcasm while avoiding or deconstructing traditional hip hop topics. His albums and record label have been featured in magazines such as Playboy and The Wire. Sole is also a producer and releases his self-produced experiments under the alias mansbestfriend, taken from the name of his Apple G4 computer

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La soupe de son

La soupe de son vous donne du grain à moudre et du hip-hop à écouter ! ------------------------------------------ La Soupe de Son, foods for real good hiphop! ------- or or

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Hip-Hop Wastelands

A truly consistent mix of genuine street Hip-Hop. No pop, club, or over-produced junk here. The only station of it's kind. Real heads only.

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Damos testimonio de la obra de Eugenio Siragusa, de los mensajes recibidos a través de él, desde la Luz Crística al Hombre. / Diamo testimonianza all'opera di Eugenio Siragusa con i "Suoi Messaggi" trasmessoci da Lui "DALLA LUCE CRISTICA ALL' UOMO"

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