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Dan Balan

Dan Balan

Let´s start from the begining........

Dan was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on the 6 of February 1979.
There he lived with his mother, father and sister until 1995 when the family moved to Tel Aviv becouse of his fathers role as an ambassador.

In 1988 Dan was on stage for the first time, on a tv show called "Semaforul" and around the same time his parents bought him his first instrument, a accordion, he then whent for accordion lessons at the musical school, he finished there in 1994.

In 1992 his parents bought him his first guitar and Dan turned his attention to rock music.
In 1994, in the school festival, Dan preformed for the first time one of his songs on the stage together with his friend. In the same year Dan wrote a song for his mother´s TV show and it became his first national success.

In 1995 Dan moved with his family to Tel Aviv. During his stay in Israel Dan was continuing to create new songs. He had the first recordings in a studio.
He returned to Moldova after one year to finish Moldovan lyceum "Gh.Asachi". His parents wanted him to study law and he took exams for the specified faculty. The same year his parents bought him his first synthesizer and in autum he was invited to preform in a band called "Pantheon".
Dan had his first concert with this band, he was very happy to be in a band and soon changed the old songs of "Phantheon" to his own songs, the soloist did not aprove of this, so Dan sat out to make his own band that was known as "Inferialis".
There was six members in the band and they were preforming gotich doom metal.
In January 1997 Dan desided to become a professional musician. He left the law University to attend to the musical College "St.Neaga", he studied musical composition, contrabass and piano.
In January 1998 Dan changed the music style of "Inferialis" to pop-rock but soon he realized that he needed to leave this type of music for a while, do to the fackt that rock was not a popular musick style at that time, but he always knew that he would return to the rock style at some point.

His first song "De La Mine" was released the same year in October; and was soon followed by the biggest hit of 1999 in Moldova - "Dar, Unde Esti"........ but Dan wonted to get a boy band togeather, since boy bands were very popular in that time.
So in September 1999 Dan formed the first boy band in Moldova "O-Zone", composed of two singers: Dan Balan and Petru Jelihovschi (who was the lead singer from the band "Inferialis".

The same year in autum the two guy´s, Dan and Petru, went to Romania and recorded three songs "Timpul Trece Fara Noi", "In Doi" and "M-as Trezi". The first singel they released was "Timpul trece fara noi" and in a couple of months "O-Zone" became the Nr.1 band in Moldova.

In June 2000 they released the first "O-Zone" album called "Dar, Unde Esti'" made up with 11 songs all composed and preformed by Dan. The album had a huge success. seven singels from the album became mega-hits including "Fiesta de la noche", "Crede-ma", "Te voi jubii", "Ciao bambina", "In doi'", "Dar, unde esti", "Tripul trece fara noi".

The same year in summer O-Zone started the first tour in Moldova.

In December Dan wrote a Christmas song called "Sarbatorile de iarna" for the Christmas release of the "Tanti Ludmila Show". Since then this song has becomed a national song for Christmas and New Year Festival and was played everywhere during this period in Moldova.

In spring 2001 Dan decided to go to another level and chose the Romanian market. However his partner Petru was not so interested about Dan´s big plans, he thouht of his preformance in the band more as a hobby. So Dan need to finde someone ells who was as serius about this as he was, so Dan and Petru split up but remanied friends.


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