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Geyster is a duo formed by Gaël Benyamin and Pernilla Grönlund in 1999. Their first cooperation occured in 1998 when they both attended the M.I. (Musicians Institute) music school in Los Angeles.In 2002, the project seduced Joachim Garraud, successful producer/remixer (David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre…) who became with Gaël co-producer of the first album of Geyster ‘I Love 1984' (Radio Geyster).Their first single ‘Bye Bye Superman' was airplayed all over Europe the whole summer of 2003. The second album ‘Everytime I See Your Face' was released in 2007 on Gaël's own label Somekind Records and featured the hit single ‘Under The Fuse Of Love'. « No Kiddin' », their third album was released early 2009. 2011 is the return of Radio Geyster with a brand new LP called ‘Radio Geyster 1977'. Shortly after, In 2012, Gael released "Summertime", a cover album filled with some of his favourite songs re-arranged in his own and unique way.Geyster releases today a brand new single called "Jane", taken from Geyster's forthcoming 6th studio album due for Spring 2013, so stay tuned !The parisian Gaël Benyamin is the lead-singer-songwriter/arranger/producer/multi-instrumentalist and also takes care of all the technical stuff (mixing, mastering…), while the swede Pernilla Grönlund brings her sensual and unique voice. Gaël's songs tend to be very melodic, with jazz-influenced chords and a funky feel in the beat. Together they combine a vintage 70's music feel with today's sound into a unique style. Often tagged as ‘Westcoast Music' Geyster's music is mostly pop-music with a wide range of influences. From jazz & disco to funk, electro-pop & house music the blend is always very subtle…


Hot tracks

Geyster - I Wouldn't Change A Thing

I Wouldn't Change A Thing


Geyster - The Bottle

The Bottle