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Bronski Beat

Bronski Beat

Mike Bordin (born November 27, 1962 in San Francisco, California) is an American musician, best known as the drummer for rock band Faith No More. He is also known for playing with Ozzy Osbourne. As a left-handed drummer, he notably plays with a right-handed kit with his ride cymbal on the left. He is noted for his distinctive long dreadlocks, and for playing in shorts while shirtless at concerts.Early yearsIn the late 1970s, while still in high school, Mike Bordin played in the band EZ-Street with future Metallica bassist Cliff Burton and future Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin.In 1981, Bordin formed Faith No Man with bassist Billy Gould, keyboardist Wade Worthington, and frontman Mike Morris. A year later the group replaced Wade Worthington with keyboardist Roddy Bottum, removed Mike Morris, and changed their name to Faith No More. Bordin's former bandmate Jim Martin joined the fold the following year as guitarist.

Faith No More

Faith No More released their first album, We Care a Lot, in 1985. After releasing several more albums, including the Grammy-nominated The Real Thing, Faith No More disbanded in 1998.In 2009, Faith No More reformed and performed a series of festival shows in Europe, leading to several shows in select American cities.

With Ozzy Osbourne

In 1997, Bordin began performing with Ozzy Osbourne's band.After Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward was unfortunately plagued with health issues during tour, Bordin had a brief stretch playing with the other original members of Black Sabbath. Notably he played the closing segments of Ozzy Osbourne's 1997 headlining concerts during the Ozzfest tour.Bordin re-recorded the drum tracks on Osbourne's solo albums, Blizzard of Ozz, and Diary of a Madman, for the controversial remasters released in 2002. The re-recordings were the result of a lawsuit brought by original drummer Lee Kerslake and original bassist Bob Daisley (whose part was re-recorded by Robert Trujillo) for unpaid royalties. The remakes have received very poor reviews from fans on online retail stores such as

Other appearances

In 2000, Bordin toured with Ko?n when their drummer David Silveria was injured.Bordin also performs on Jerry Cantrell's 2002 album, Degradation Trip.In 2001, Bordin competed on television game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. He missed the $32,000 question, walking away with $1,000. Former bandmate Robert Trujillo, now of Metallica, attended live.Previous (Ca. 1992)Yamaha Drums Recording Custom in Black Finish
  • 14x6.5 maple snare
  • 15x13 rack tom
  • 16x14 rack tom
  • 18x16 floor tom
  • 26x14 bass drum
All Zildjian Cymbals
  • 15" New beat hi-hats
  • 19" K China Boy
  • 18" K Crash/Ride
  • 21" Z Light/Power Ride
  • 19" K Dark Crash
  • 18" K Medium Crash
Yamaha, including their rack system. Bass drum pedal is a strap-drive Drum Workshop model.Remo coated Pinstripe on top of snare, coated Emperors on tops of toms with clear Ambassadors on bottoms. Clear Pinstripe on bass batter head with painted head on front.Vic Firth American Classic Rock played with butt end.

Current (2009)

Yamaha Oak Custom
  • 14x6.5 Mike Bordin Signature Snare
  • 14x12 Mounted Tom
  • 15x13 Mounted Tom
  • 18x16 Floor Tom
  • 24x17 Bass Drum
  • 15" Rock Hi-Hat Bottom (used as top hat)
  • 15" A Mastersound Hi-Hat Bottom (used as bottom hat)
  • 19" K Medium Thin Dark Crash or K Thin Dark Crash
  • 20" A Medium Crash
  • 21" A Sweet Ride
  • 22" Z Heavy Power Ride
  • 19" K China
Yamaha rack and standsDrum Workshop 5000 Delta Series Strap Drive Double Pedals
  • Mounted and Floor Toms - Coated Emperor (top), Clear Ambassador (bottom)
  • Snare - Emperor-X (batter)
  • Bass - P3 Clear
Vic Firth Rock

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