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Martin Gore

Martin Gore

Martin Lee Gore (born 23 July 1961) is an English songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboardist, and also producer, remixer and DJ. He is a founding member of Depeche Mode and has written the majority of their songs. His work now spans over three decades. Gore's best-known compositions include hits such as "Personal Jesus", "Enjoy the Silence", "I Feel You", "People Are People", "Everything Counts", "Shake the Disease" and "Never Let Me Down Again".In addition to composing music and writing lyrics for Depeche Mode songs, he has also been lead vocalist on several, and usually solo (some examples are, "Somebody", "A Question of Lust" and "Home"), as evidenced by most of the Depeche Mode concerts, and has been a backing vocalist on many others.In 1999, Gore received the Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors for "International Achievement".Studio albumsSinglesOther appearancesFormer Depeche Mode colleague Vince Clarke collaborated with Gore for the first time since 1981 as techno duo VCMG on an instrumental minimalist electronic dance album called Ssss, released on 12 March 2012. The first EP entitled Spock was first released worldwide exclusively on Beatport on 30 November 2011. The second EP Single Blip was once again first released exclusively on Beatport on 20 February 2012. Their third EP Aftermaths was released on 20 August 2012.Other collaborationsGore played keyboard on two tracks by Annette & Inga Humpe (Humpe and Humpe), called "Happiness Is Hard to Take" & "Don't Know Where I Belong" from their 1985 album Humpe HumpeHe played guitar on the Gwen Stefani song "Wonderful Life" on her 2006 album The Sweet Escape.Gore collaborated on the band Onetwo's track "Cloud Nine" by playing the guitar and as songwriter of the song, which can be found on their 2007 album called Instead.In 2010, Tim Simenon's Bomb the Bass album Back to Light was published, which is containing the instrumental "Milakia", co-written by Martin Gore during the Ultra sessions. Gore also played synthesiser on the track.Compact Space's album Nameless (2011) includes the track "The Unstoppable Collision" with Gore on guitar. Compact Space is formed by Depeche Mode's collaborators Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte and singer Florian Kraemmer.Also in 2011, Gore created the sound "Siren-synth – Mutesound" on the track "Uni Rec" on the album Univrs from the German glitch and minimalist techno artist Alva Noto.Remixes1994 Spirit Feel – "Rejoice" (Mystic Span Mix)1995 Garbage – "Queer" (The Most Beautiful Woman in Town Mix)1999 ON – "Soluble Words" (Sublingual Remix)2003 Señor Coconut And His Orchestra – "Smooth Operator" (In-Disguise Remix)2013 Diamond Version - "Get Yours" (Martin L. Gore Remix)Depeche Mode songs with Gore on lead vocalsDepeche Mode's lead vocals are generally handled by Dave Gahan, but on occasion Gore will sing lead. These are all the songs he sings, in chronological order:Speak & Spell"Any Second Now (voices)"Construction Time Again"Pipeline"Some Great Reward"It Doesn't Matter""Somebody"Black Celebration"A Question of Lust""Sometimes""It Doesn't Matter Two""World Full of Nothing""Black Day" ["Stripped" single\]Music for the Masses"The Things You Said""I Want You Now""Route 66" (cover of a song by Bobby Troup [B-Side of "Behind the Wheel"\]Violator"Enjoy the Silence" (Harmonium version only) ["Enjoy the Silence" single\]"Sweetest Perfection""Blue Dress"Songs of Faith and Devotion"Death's Door" [Until the End of the World soundtrack and "Condemnation" single\]"Judas""One Caress"Ultra"Home""The Bottom Line"Exciter"Comatose""Breathe"Playing the Angel"Macro""Damaged People"Sounds of the Universe"Jezebel""The Sun and the Moon and the Stars" (bonus track)Delta Machine"The Child Inside""Always" (bonus track)DuetsThese are songs where Gahan and Gore have around equal singing time, in chronological order. In some instances, both sing at the same time (ex: "Behind the Wheel"), and in others, Gahan sang the verses while Gore sang the chorus (ex: "Everything Counts").A Broken Frame"Shouldn't Have Done That"Construction Time Again"Everything Counts""Shame"Some Great Reward"Something to Do""People Are People"The Singles 81?85/Catching Up with Depeche Mode"Shake The Disease""Fly On The Windscreen"Black Celebration"Here Is the House""Dressed in Black""Breathing in Fumes" [B-side to "Stripped"\] (the transformed voice throughout the song is the one of Martin Gore)Music for the Masses"Never Let Me Down Again""Behind the Wheel""Pleasure, Little Treasure" [B-side to "Never Let Me Down Again"\]Violator"Waiting for the Night"Songs of Faith and Devotion"Higher Love"Ultra"Insight""Surrender" [B-side to "Only When I Lose Myself"\], albeit only towards the end of the track.Exciter"Dream On""The Sweetest Condition""I Feel Loved"Playing the Angel"The Sinner in Me""Nothing's Impossible""Newborn" [B-side to "A Pain That I'm Used To"\]"Free" [B-side to "Precious"\]Sounds of the Universe"Hole to Feed""Wrong""Little Soul""Peace""Corrupt""Oh Well" [bonus track\]LiveThese are songs that Gore has sung lead live, although the studio versions are sung by Gahan, in chronological order of the song's first live performance by Gore. It includes his solo concerts in 2003. To date, the only Gore-led song that was sung by Gahan live was "Route 66" which was the closer during the World Violation Tour."Little 15 (The World Violation Tour)"Here Is the House" (The World Violation Tour)"Condemnation" (The Exotic Tour, Summer Tour '94, The Exciter Tour, Solo, The Delta Machine Tour)"Waiting for the Night" (The Exotic Tour)"Sister of Night" (The Singles Tour, The Exciter Tour, Tour Of The Universe)"Dressed in Black" (The Exciter Tour, Tour Of The Universe)"Surrender" (The Exciter Tour, Solo)"Only When I Lose Myself" (Solo, The Delta Machine Tour)"In Your Room" (Solo only)"Walking in My Shoes" (Solo only)"The Love Thieves" (Solo only)"Enjoy the Silence" (Solo only)"Shake the Disease" (Solo, Touring the Angel, Tour Of The Universe, The Delta Machine Tour)"Leave in Silence" (Touring the Angel, The Delta Machine Tour)"Little Soul" (Tour Of The Universe)"Freelove" (Tour Of The Universe)"Clean" (Tour Of The Universe)"Insight" (Tour Of The Universe)"But Not Tonight" (The Delta Machine Tour)"Higher Love" (The Delta Machine Tour)"When the Body Speaks" (The Delta Machine Tour)"Slow" (The Delta Machine Tour)SourcesMalins, Steve. 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