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Orishas is a group that combines new hip-hop rhymes with classic cuban beats. They've revolutionized latin music by creating a fusion sound. Their albums include "A lo Cubano", "Emigrante", "El Kilo", "Antidiotico" & "Cosita Buena". Below is the complete Bio from their website: It's been quite a journey since Orishas released their first album 'A Lo Cubano' in Spain in May 1999. Lauded by the press throughout Europe ever since it came out, the group launched into a marathon tour that started in summer 1999.

Albums Orishas

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  • Cosita Buena

  • Bruja

  • Hip Hop Conga

  • Antidiotico

  • Hay Un Son

  • El Kilo

  • Naci Orishas Edit

  • Emigrante

  • Que Pasa

  • A Lo Cubano