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The Deadbeats

The Deadbeats

The Dead Beats are a 5 piece "horror punk 'n' roll" outfit from the UK. Originally formed in 2009 after The Reverend and Elvis Palooka (The Palookas) hooked up after a Poison Hearts gig. After a small hiatus The Reverend rose from the grave dragging 4 fiends with him. Members sick and twisted histories include: Poison Hearts, The Confused, DMD, Assassination Bureau, Swine, AstroZombies, Coney Island Jesus,The Kingcrows, St Tantrums, The Motivators and many more Members are: Reverend Paul Confused - Guitar Phil E Stine - Vox Lord Hugh G Rection - Bass G-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named - Drums Vincent Lovecraft - Guitar Having played full scale tours in their combined careers, playing alongside such luminaries as The Damned, Goldblade, UK Subs, The Stranglers, you name it, these boys are equally comfortable in a small sweaty venue as they are in front of 2000+ people in a full stage show. The Dead Beats influences are simple , "Horror punk n roll" all the way! Taking tips from the likes of The Stooges, Motorhead, the Misfits, the Cramps, and a healthy "tip of the hat" to Johnny Cash and other true rock n roll legends, you soon get the picture where this party is gonna start and end.


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