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The Drones

The Drones

THE DRONES are Leon Marshall and David Ford. Two men with an acute ear for popular music. In their teenage years they played angry rock music together but now as they approach the tail-end of their twenties, they are not so angry and marching in a new direction/nude erection. "To sum it up briefly, we have done guitar music to death. We also don't have the budget to work in studios and pay producers. We were trying to self produce a guitar based record with limited equipment and it was sounding lifeless and frankly, shit. We have dipped our toes in the waters of electronic music but always felt like we needed guitars to be part of it. Now, we have just said f**k it, if we're going to do electronic music, let's go for it!"Armed with a collection of vintage drum machines and synthesizers THE DRONES will rise forth out of the ashes of their burnt guitars. Reserve the space beneath Dr Hook on your iPods.THE DRONES are currently producing their first EP, which will be available for download soon.


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