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Esperanza is the creative offshoot of three musical minds. The unpredicted result of relaxed jamming, combined with the desire to escape and the will to experiment.Esperanza is three guys from Italy that come from all different music experiences: Carlo studied piano but, under the moniker C├ęcile, made his mark with his remixes, bassman Matteo is a musician and producer who has toured all over the place with his projects and Sergio, the guitar player, is a composer/songwriter and producer of records. In 2010 they started jamming together, their personal skills and influences merged and took shape in the utopian land of sounds that is Esperanza.They have developed a unique style that mixes atmospheres ranging from woozy psychedelic to early techno and exotic vibes, softening the coldness of electronic music with the tradition of Italian melodic harmonies.Their first ep, "Sirena EP", features Banjo Or Freakout on vocals and remixes by Luke Abbott and Broke One, while the single Jaipur features a remix by Walls."Esperanza", their self-titled debut album, was released on Gomma in December 2011 and immediately gained attention from press and critics.Esperanza is in the air, but she's already far from here.


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Esperanza - El Ritmo Calienté

El Ritmo Calienté