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There are at least five groups that go by the name Seventh Seal. One is a Christian metal band from Maryland. They have been on top of many online Christian rock charts. A second one is a Japanese psychedelic rock supergroup featuring Asahito Nanjo (Mainliner etc.) and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mother's Temple etc.). Another is an unsigned death metal band from Arizona. Also, there is an Italian heavy power metal band with female vocals created in 1996 that also goes by the name Seventh Seal.

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Metal Invasion Radio

Du Hard Au Power,Du Heavy au Thrash,Du Gothique au Death,Du Metalcore au black,le tout dans une explosion de décibel,c'est sa Métal Invasion Radio ! From Hard To Power,From Heavy To Thrash,From Goth to Death and Black,it's that, Metal Invasion Radio !

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