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Joseph Haydn


Joseph Haydn (31 March or 1 April 1732–31 May 1809) was a leading composer of the classical period, called the “Father of the symphony” and “Father of the string quartet”. The name “Franz” was not used in the composer’s lifetime; scholars, along with an increasing number of music publishers and recording companies, have gone back to using the historically more accurate form of his name, rendered in English as “Joseph Haydn”.

Albums Joseph Haydn

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  • 100 Masterpieces, Volume 4: 1788-1810

  • Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music (disc 2)

  • Classica D'Oro, Volume 1 (disc 39: Berühmte Orgelwerke des Barock) (Capella Istropolitana feat. conductor: Paul Kantschieder, organ: Harald Feller)

  • Horowitz : The Last Recording

  • Great Cello Concertos (disc 1)

  • Favourite Cello Concertos (Jacqueline du Pré) (disc 1)

  • Haydn, Hummel, Hertel, Stamitz; Trumpet Concertos (Håkan Hardenberger, A.S.M.F. (Sir Neville Marriner))