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CareerTLF gained prominence in 2003 with their debut album Talents fâchés (eventually called Talents fâchés Vol. I, a compilation of songs mixed by Kore & Skalp, Rohff, Mafia K-1 Fry, Tandem, Sefyu, La Fouine, Sinik, Kamelancien that promoted a number of artists. It was spearheaded by Ikbal Vockal, an independent music producer alongside Alain 2 L'Ombre who chose to name it TLF (abbreviation for Thug Life Forever). Because of the success of the album, a record label was started name "Talents Fâchés Records".In 2004, a second album Talents fâchés Vol. 2 was released consolidating the first album. Ikbal and Alain 2 L'Ombre brought in materials from various producers, rappers, Sefyu, Rohff, Tandem, L'Skadrille, Alibi Montana, Sté Strausz followed by Talents fâchés Vol. 3 subtitled La Dalle au mic in 2006 with Rohff, Princess Aniès, Nubi, Médine, Alibi Montana, La Fouine, LIM and finally Talents fâchés Vol. 4 in 2009 subtitled 04 Coins de la France with Rohff, Lim, Larsen, Keny Arkana, Tunisiano, Salif, Alonzo, Nessbeal, Diam's, Soprano. Best of the materials were also included in a compilation Talents fâchés Collector in 2009. A fifth volume of Talents fâchés is planned in 2013.In between volumes 2 and 3, TLF also released in 2005 a 2-CD sports compilation Rap Performance produced by "Talents fâchés Records".Besides the compilations, TLF also releases its own albums notably Rêves de rue (2007), Renaissance (2010) and OVNI in 2012 (OVNI meaning Opus Violent Non Identifier), and mixtapes and Ghetto drame street albums.


Hot tracks

Zahouania Feat. TLF - Amitiés Sacrés - TLF & Zahouania

Amitiés Sacrés - TLF & Zahouania


TLF - Le meilleur du monde

Le meilleur du monde


TLF Feat. Skalpovich - Ailleurs