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Axel Bauer

Axel Bauer

BiographyBauer first came to prominence with the release of "Cargo de Nuit" in 1983, featuring a video directed by the controversial filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Mondino - the first to be screened on the French version of MTV in 1984. Roger Daltrey, of The Who fame, went on to re-record the song on his 1987 solo album "Can't Wait to See the Movie" in English.He went on to sign a contract with EMI, and became the first French artist to be housed in London by the record label. The first album as part of the deal, "Les Nouveaux Seigneurs", was a modest success, but a lack of radio airplay hampered its performance. Bauer disappeared from the music scene until he released his follow-up work, "Sentinelles", in 1990, with one of its singles, "Turn Off The Light", going gold a year later.After a brief period of touring, Bauer again vanished from French music, before releasing "Simple Mortel" at the end of the 1990s, with critical praise outweighing commercial success."Personne n'est parfait", from which a duet with pop star Zazie, "A ma place", and the title track were taken, was released in 2001. "Ma place" went on to sell 800,000 copies, with the album also shifting 170,000 units (reaching the Top 20).Bauer released his first 'best-of' compilation in 2003, and recorded a new album, 'Wild Cowboy' in 2006.


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