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Max Cooper

Max Cooper

Life and careerHe was born in Belfast, Ireland to parents of Australian descent. Prior to dedicating full-time focus within music, Cooper received his Ph.D. in computational biology from Nottingham University in 2008. He was inspired to become a geneticist after reading a Stephen Hawking book as a child. During his doctoral training, his research interests focused on modelling the evolution of gene regulatory networks, specifically examining the evolution of feed-forward loops, and studying the evolutionary influences of binding site organisation during transcriptional processes. After completing his doctoral work, Cooper held a brief post-doctoral position as a geneticist at University College London.Following the non-renewal of the associated supportive fund cycle in 2010, Cooper decided to redirect focus entirely on music production. He has been releasing music since 2007 and has since received positive criticism from magazines including Clash. Although he does not have any formal music training, he started playing violin at age 12 but eventually quit because he hated it. His best-known releases are the Serie trilogy, three dancefloor tracks whose related videos by animator Whiskas Fx were each inspired by a different scientific or mathematical concept. Now a full-time musician and performer, Cooper has released more than fifty original tracks and remixes, with originals primarily appearing on German label Traum Schallplatten. His remixes range from avant-garde composer Michael Nyman to bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to techno acts such as Agoria and Dominik Eulberg. He has also been remixed by Adam Freeland. He encourages fans to produce their own videos for his music, with the results displayed on his website.His music is influenced by his science background and he also cited Jon Hopkins, Sigur Rós and Ólafur Arnalds as influences, adding "mainly electronica more than techno". He has also commented that some of his album cover artwork is inspired by a graphic designer who is also Cooper's flatmate. As of 2011, he is working with software company Liine on a music production influenced by science. He has performed several festivals including Glade Festival, Bestival, Alpha-ville, Picnik Electronik Festival and the Decibel Festival. He has also shared the stage with artists such as Echaskech and Baltimoroder and released a two-part EP, Conditions One, on 10 December 2012 featuring Braids, Ghosting Season and D/R/U/G/S (aka Callum Wright). In December 2012, he wrote a blog for British music magazine NME. That same month, he achieved the #5 spot on BeatPort's "Top Artists of 2012" and also released a music video for the song "Pleasures" which was animated by artist Cédric de Smedt.He uses Ableton equipment and Akai APC40 controllers.Selected discographyMax Cooper - Mechanical Concussion EP [Herzblut Recordings\] 2012Michael Nyman and David McAlmont - Secrets, Accusations and Charges - Max Cooper *Reconstruction and Deconstruction [Last Night On Earth\] 2012Max Cooper - Egomodal EP [Traum Schallplatten\] 2012Max Cooper - Empirisch EP [Traum Schallplatten\] 2011Max Cooper - Metaphysical EP [Traum Schallplatten\] 2011Max Cooper - Amalgamations EP [Last Night On Earth\]Max Cooper - Miocene EP [Herzblut Recordings\] 2011Sasha - Xpander - Max Cooper remix [Deconstruction\] 2011Max Cooper - Metaphysical EP [Traum\] 2011Hot Chip - I Feel Better - Max Cooper remix [Flash\] 2010Max Cooper - Expressions EP 2010Max Cooper - Series EP [Traum\] 2010Andrew K - The Doppler Effect - Max Cooper remix [Vise Versa Music\] 2010Max Cooper - Ediolic Spectra [Bedrock\] 2010Au Revoir Simone - Take Me As I Am / Remix [Moshi Moshi\] 2010Max Cooper - Chaotisch Serie EP [Traum\] 2010Max Cooper - InhaleExhale EP [Veryverywrongindeed\] 2009Max Cooper - Stochastisch Serie EP [Traum\] 2009Abe Duque & Blake Baxter - What Happened - Max Cooper remix [Process\] 2009Max Cooper - Symphonica [Traum\] 2009Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie EP [Traum\] 2009Max Cooper - Crushbox EP [Autist\] 2008Max Cooper - FRANK [Firefly Recordings\] 2008Max Cooper - One Is None EP [Evolved Records\] 2007See Discogs for the full list of 50 originals and remixes.


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