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Queens of the Stone Age


Queens of the Stone Age is a band from Palm Desert, California, United States. The band is frequently labeled , although they reject the label. QOTSA developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy music which the band's founder and mastermind Josh Homme described as '', saying that he "wanted to create a heavy sound based on a solid jam, just pound it into your head". Since then, their sound has evolved to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences.

Albums Queens of the Stone Age

24 played on Radionomy

  • Lullabies To Paralyze

  • Era Vulgaris Tour Edition

  • Make It Wit Chu

  • Era Vulgaris

  • Sick, Sick, Sick

  • 3's & 7's

  • Over the Years and Through the Woods

  • Burn The Witch

  • Lullabies To Paralize Tour Edition

  • In My Head

  • Little Sister

  • Stone Age Complication

  • First It Giveth

  • Songs for the Deaf (bonus disc)

  • Go With The Flow

  • No One Knows

  • Songs For The Deaf

  • Feel Good Hit of the Summer

  • Rated R (bonus disc)

  • Rated X

  • R

  • Rated R

  • The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

  • Queens of the Stone Age