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Liquid Blasted

Liquid Blasted

Sergey began trying to make music in 1995 - not even having a computer, just with synthesizer and two tape-recorders. Later, with the advent of computer in 1998, he discovered Fast Tracker II, and created music project named Negative. The project covered a variety of styles - from happy hardcore to speedcore, but wasn't too serious. Nevertheless, it contributed to knowledge of working with sound on computer, forming musical preferences and gaining the experience - and in March, 2003 Sergey decided to start a new project named Liquid Blasted oriented on hard industrial music, such as frenchcore, uptempo, hard techno, industrial, experimental. The first vinyl of the project was released on the new French label Goddess OF Disaster in October, 2003. The record was a success, and the project start getting the offers from other labels. Today Liquid Blasted is the most famous Russian project on the world hardcore / frenchcore scene having a lot of releases on such labels as Industrial Strength, Deathchant, Psychik Genocide, Neurotoxic, Masters Of Hardcore, Megarave, Ravinghome studio Nightmare, Noise Factory, Dual Kore, etc. Liquid Blasted's discography includes joint releases with such artists as Hellfish, Goetia, Hardcoholics, Matt Green, X-Fly, Gnark. Lately Sergey prefers music at the interfaces between industrial hardcore, hard techno and rhytmic noise. From the end of 2007 he also performs as a DJ, besides live-acting.In the beginning of 2008 Sergey decides to devote himself to computer games sound and starts working as a sound-designer at Gaijin Sound studio.


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