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Marco Demark

Marco Demark

Marco Demark: bio 2010With a worldwide Number 1 hit under his belt, an Essential New Tune on Pete Tong's famous radio show (Radio 1, UK) and now his own Record Label, MADE Music, Marco Demark has become a name to look out for in dance music.In 2007 Marco created what is considered by many, one of the best dance remakes of all time. Yes we are talking about Elton John's ‘Tiny Dancer'.On the 14th of September 2007, Pete Tong proclaimed it an Essential New Tune and this is what he had to say: "Some of our Essential New Tunes are underground and eventually blow up and cross over, or sometimes they're DJ specials. Others are fantastic moments, inspired moments of dance music that you can hear all over the radio within a couple of months of us playing it. I believe this is one of those."That was the beginning of the single success.Signed to Carl Kennedy's label, Wasted Youth, and eventually to a string of labels like 3 Beat (UK) and Time Records (Italy), the record topped every chart in the UK like the DMC Mainstream and DMC Club Chart and almost every chart in Europe.Success often comes from years of work and determination, and that's been the case for Marco. Music has always been a part his life. His father was a drummer who taught him how to play at an early age; this progressed to Marco getting his first set of Technics 1210s at the age of 12. Born in Italy in 1976, Marco spent most of his teenage years practising and mixing in his garage and throwing parties for hundreds of kids his own age until he picked up his first official club gig at the age of 15. In 2008 Marco mixed a compilation CD together with Craig Obey for D.O.N.S label Kingdom Kome Cuts called ‘My House My Music'. The comp included two of Marco's original tracks, both signed to D.O.N.S: ‘I Can't Fight This' and ‘No Mistake'.In 2009 Marco started collaborating with Dave Manna and a new partnership was born. Together they remixed some of the biggest names in the industry like Albin Myers ‘Times Like These', D.O.N.S ‘You Used to Hold Me' and ‘Hearth Song', Denzal Park ‘Madagascar' and ‘Ascension', Nicola Fasano ‘Stand Up', Syke'n'Sugarstarr ‘Ticket To Ride 2009', and Agnes ‘Release Me'.All these remixes and great production could lead only to one thing - a hectic tour schedule from Australia to Europe, a massive remix request and the beginning of a new record label called MADE Music.The label was mainly established as an outlet for Marco and Dave's own production but even before its first release, licensing with international labels was happening.The first release is a collaboration with UK artists Full Intention (Michael Gray and Jon Pern) to remake their 1996 anthem ‘I Love America' now retitled Full Intention vs. Marco Demark & Dave Manna. The single has created mayhem at the Miami Music Conference and is out on Made Music for Australia and New Zealand, on We-Play (Dabruck & Klein label) in Germany and on Full Intention Records for the rest of the world.‘America' was promoted in Australia as Marco and Dave's first release on the label and went to Number 8 in the Aria Club Chart only after a few weeks entry, showing a great start to MADE Music.The next single for 2010 is a collaboration with Terri B titled ‘Do You Believe' which is also signed to We-Play for Europe and kept on MADE Music for Australia & NZ. Remixes are in the works at the moment and with the original already road tested by Dabruck & Klein in their sets internationally, there's a big hype for this record.Another upcoming track is a collaboration between Marco Demark, Dave Manna and RobKay featuring Swedish singer Michael Feiner. The track is titled ‘I Am Not Losing You' and again signed to We-Play for Europe and on MADE Music in Australia & NZ.‘I Am Not Losing You' will be the third release on MADE Music in the upcoming months and is guaranteed to show the boys' production going from strength to strength.Marco Demark and Dave Manna also teamed up on the live front with ‘back to back' shows but also continue to tour on their own rocking from club to…


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