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Stellar Kart

Stellar Kart

Stellar Kart is a Christian pop punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. The band is signed to INO Records and released its first album, All Gas. No Brake, in February 2005. Most of their singles have been accepted exclusively on Christian radio stations such as Air 1. Their song "Me and Jesus" from their 2006 album "We Can't Stand Sitting Down" hit No. 1 for 7 weeks on the Hot Christian Songs chart and won the 2007 Dove Award for "Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song". Their song "Something Holy" from their 2010 album "Everything Is Different Now", an album which adopts a more "worshipful" flavour charted at No. 23 on Billboard Magazine for eighteen weeks. Their latest album, "All In", was released on August 27, 2013.History and FormationThe Phoenix-based band started in a youth group. Adam Agee and Jordan Messer led worship, with former bass player Tay Sitera joining them on weekends. Cody Pellerin joined them prior to being signed and Brian Calcara replaced Sitera after their debut release. In 2009, Pellerin left the band to spend more time with his wife, and in 2010 joined the band Our Hearts Hero as lead guitarist. Jon Howard (formerly of Dizmas) stepped in on lead guitar for Stellar Kart. After Jon Howard left the band to become a touring guitarist for Paramore, former Thousand Foot Krutch touring guitarist Nick Baumhardt (husband of Superchick lead singer Tricia Baumhardt) has joined the band. Stellar Kart derived their band name from working with kids on youth camps. Their name is often abbreviated SK, as seen in the band's music videos to "Activate" and "Life is Good". The band has been interviewed on various television shows, including TMW and The Zone (on the Christian IPTV service Sky Angel). Stellar Kart has also appeared on a season finale of The Logan Show.The band's third album, Expect the Impossible, was released on February 26, 2008. Their new album, titled Everything Is Different Now, was initially made available during November 2009 at concerts/online only—its official release in stores was March 9, 2010.ConcertsStellar Kart has been an opening act for bands such as Kutless on the Strong Tower Tour and Newsboys on the Go Tour. The band's first headlining tour began on December 1, 2006, and was called the Punk The Halls Tour. Support for this Christmas tour came from Run Kid Run, Eleventyseven, and Esterlyn; it went so well that they decided to do the Punk the Halls Tour every year. Stellar Kart performed on the main stage at Onefest and the main stage of Creation 2007. Stellar Kart recently played on a Lifelight circuit concert in Mitchell, South Dakota with the bands The Switch and Remedy Drive. On June 9, 2007, Stellar Kart played its first international concert at the E.O. Youth Day in the Netherlands in front of an audience of 35,000. In the beginning of 2008 the band began the Expect the Impossible Tour; this was their first headlining tour that wasn't for the holidays.They performed on the Fringe Stage at Creation 2008 and 2009. In 2009 they played at Rock the light in Kansas City, Missouri. The year 2010 sees them touring with BarlowGirl and VOTA.All Gas. No Brake. (2005)In 2005, Stellar Kart released their debut album All Gas. No Brake.. Singles include "Finish Last", "Life Is Good", "Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi cover), and "Spending Time."We Can't Stand Sitting Down (2006-2007)In July 2006, Stellar Kart released their second studio album We Can't Stand Sitting Down. Singles include "Me and Jesus", "Activate", and "Hold On". "Me and Jesus" charted at No. 18 on US Christian charts for three weeks .Expect the Impossible, Life Is Good (2008-2009)Their album Expect the Impossible was released in February 2008. Singles include "Jesus Loves You", "Shine Like The Stars", "Innocent", and "I Give Up". "Jesus Loves You" charted at numbre 24 for four weeks . Their single "We Shine" was released in 2009, and charted at No. 46. Their first compilation album, Life Is Good: The Best of Stellar Kart was released in February 2009, which includes remixes of previous songs.Everything Is Different Now (2010- 2011)On March 9, 2010, their album Everything Is Different Now was released. The single "Something Holy" was released on the same date, and charted at No. 23 for three weeks. Lead vocalist Adam Agee explained that rather than focusing on more relational matters, on "Everything is Different Now" the material has more of a worshipful flavor. “We had performed at a camp earlier in the summer before recording, and we really discovered that we loved leading worship for youth again,” he said. “So we tried to find some of the songs that were our favorites and wrote a few new songs, too, and that eventually became "Everything is Different Now".A Whole New World EP, (2012- present)Stellar Kart released an EP entitled "A Whole New World" on August 16, 2012. The EP includes four songs from classic Disney films including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, and Aladdin.All In (2013)The studio release All In was released August 27, 2013. The track from the album, "Ones and Zeros," was released in the motion picture soundtrack for the upcoming film, God's Not Dead.


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