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Acda en De Munnik

Acda en De Munnik

Acda en De Munnik is a Dutch cabaret and musical duo, consisting of Thomas Acda (Dutch pronunciation: ['tom?s '?gda\]) and Paul de Munnik (['p?ul d? 'm?n?k\]). Their songs are generally seen as simply and expertly arranged, so that the attention of the listener is drawn to the lyrics. The lyrics are mostly about love, youth and life. Acda en De Munnik's trademark is the harmonious vocals.David Middelhoff joined the band when they created their first album in 1997. Drummer Kasper van Kooten and keyboard player Diederik van Vleuten played on their first 4 albums. Since 2002 they have been replaced by guitarist and keyboardist JB Meijers and drummer Dave van Beek. Together with Van Dik Hout, Acda en de Munnik formed the band De Poema's."Niet of nooit geweest" was the first song that made the band famous. It still remains one of the most popular songs. in the Dutch music history.At the Amsterdamse Toneel & Kleinkunstacademie they were advised to listen carefully to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.


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