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There are 2 artists with the name Gustav: Gustav (Eva Jantschitsch) is a one woman band from Vienna, Austria who makes music for movies, theater and ipods with her laptop and an assortment of instruments she plays. She uses a multitude of languages including French, German, and English. She has released her second album in May 2008. More info: Gustav (Pascal Vonlanthen) is a chansonier from Switzerland singing in german and french.

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La Radio Militante LGBT

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Radio FamBe

Das Radio von Familien Beratungen mit viel Schweizer Musik, Podcasts und Informationen zu Familien, Kindern, Jugendlichen und Paaren. Zweistündliche Internationale News und das Wetter in der Schweiz, 3x täglich Französische News (12.30, 17.30, 22.30 Uhr).

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