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Maldita Nerea

Maldita Nerea

Maldita Nerea is a Spanish pop rock music group led by vocalist Jorge Ruiz. The group originated in Murcia, Spain. It consists of Ruiz and five other members: Luis Gómez on guitar, Jordi Armengol on guitar, Pedro Carrillo on bass, Tato Latorre on guitar and Serginho Moreira on drums. The original members included Ruiz, Gomez, Carlos Molina and Sergio Bernal. They performed in numerous small concerts in the cities of Murcia and surrounding Salamanca. In 2003, they gained attention from Universal Music. In 2003, they also released their debut album, Cuarto Creciente. After the release, Maldita Nerea moved on from Universal Music to self-publish their future endeavors. Their next album, El secreto de las tortugas, was an independent release produced by New Moon Productions. It included a collaboration with the pop/rock group known as Delinqüentes. The album Es un secreto... No se lo digas a nadie was a compilation album that included remakes of their previous songs, a DVD detailing the band's successful career and three music videos. It was released in May of 2009. Their first sold-out tour embarked in 2009 to throngs of adoring fans. The group continued their upward rise to national fame. They released the song "Cosas que suenan a..." on iTunes and the song became a quick hit, reaching the number one position in Spain and becoming an iTunes Song of the Year. In 2011, they released Fácil. The Fácil Tour went through 60 Spanish cities and one stop in London. In 2014, the released Mira Dentro.


Hot tracks

Maldita Nerea - La Respuesta No Está En La Huida

La Respuesta No Está En La Huida


Maldita Nerea - Nunca Estaras Sola

Nunca Estaras Sola


Maldita Nerea - Fácil



Maldita Nerea - Perdona Si Te Llamo Amor

Perdona Si Te Llamo Amor


Maldita Nerea - ¿No Podiamos Ser Agua?

¿No Podiamos Ser Agua?


Maldita Nerea - Mira Dentro

Mira Dentro


Maldita Nerea - Cosas Que Suenan A...

Cosas Que Suenan A...


Maldita Nerea - Tu Mirada Me Hace Grande

Tu Mirada Me Hace Grande


Maldita Nerea - Después De Todos Estos Años

Después De Todos Estos Años


Maldita Nerea - No podriamos Ser Agua

No podriamos Ser Agua


Maldita Nerea - Facil



Maldita Nerea - Por El Miedo A Equivocarnos

Por El Miedo A Equivocarnos


Maldita Nerea - El Secreto De Las Tortugas

El Secreto De Las Tortugas