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In the northern regions of Norway, two sixteen year-old high school students, Thomas S. Nilse and Steffen Ojala Søderholm mixed a song as part of a classroom assignment. Their success on the project inspired them to pursue careers as record producers. They joined forces and created the duo called Nightcore. As part of their new project they also developed the aliases DJ TNT (Nilse) and DJ SOS (Søderholm). Using a third-party software product called Dance eJay 3, they mixed 13 songs into a CD they titled Energize(2002). The CD was the final product for their school project and it received a perfect grade. They also released the music to the airwaves and received much fanfare from this assignment. Their popularity in their home region garnered them a large, loyal following. After mixing four albums for immediate release, the duo disappeared from the public eye leaving nothing more than a MySpace website for the fans. From 2006-2010, much of Nightcore's music was leaked out over the internet. The duo wasn't the responsible party for the releases, so it must have been fan-generated. Later in the decade, some of Nightcore's songs were being used in nightclubs all around the region and started showing up on YouTube. Sensing there was a demand for their music, Nightcore re-emerged in 2011 with their official Facebook account. Since some of their original music had been misused, they began releasing a series of mixes done for a variety of artists. The first one was entitled The Nightcore Files Vol. 1, which was released in August of 2011. Fans who had been listening to the pirated songs for years were slightly disappointed in the new release, but newer fans responded with enthusiasm. Over the next 2-3 years, Nightcore released 29 of these artist mixes. Many of the songs have been popular in Norway and the duo continue to produce new mixes.


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