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Mojinos Escozios

Mojinos Escozios

Mojinos EscozĂ­os (Spanish for "Burnt Asses") is a Spanish comedy rock band, mostly significant because of their lyrics on their songs, that may be considered irreverent, humorous, and possibly eschatological.StyleIn their songs, the musical influence of the big bands of hard rock and heavy metal like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Metallica is appreciable. Their style sounds most like this sound, but some songs are known because of the influence of blues rock on their style.


Hot tracks

Los Mojinos Escozíos - Santa Coloma Woman

Santa Coloma Woman


Los Mojinos Escozíos - El Tatuaje

El Tatuaje


Los Mojinos Escozíos - Tio Chulo

Tio Chulo


Los Mojinos Escozíos - El Cura

El Cura