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Shiro Sagisu


Shiro Sagisu (鷺巣詩郎) is a multi-talented music producer/composer/arranger. He has been working in Japan's music scene for over 25 years. Many critics often refer to Shiro Sagisu as "the Quincy Jones of Japan". He has a diverse style of production skills in, but not limited to, Pop, R&B, Jazz and Classical music. His career started in the late 70’s. He has written uncredited pieces of music for thousands of chart topping artists as well as worked on many films, television (in advertisements and various live action shows), anime & video game soundtracks.

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Radio rock et geek. Du hard rock, des extraits de bandes originales, des génériques d'anime et même des jingles.

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Les plus grands héros animés vous donnent rendez-vous sur Animusique ! Génériques, interviews, musique... Animusique, c'est la radio qui s'anime en musique !

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Radio manga. Retrouve les plus grands mangas de ces dernières années, découvre ceux que tu as manqués et les dernières nouveautés. Op, ed, BGM, ... d'animes et de quelques jeux vidéos. Subarashii, c'est ta radio consacrée à l'animation japonaise ! FB :

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Loli-Pop Station

Loli-Pop Station is a webradio focused on Japanese music ( Visual Kei, J-Rock, J-Pop, Enka, Vocaloid, Oldies, Eurobeat, Electro).

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AFGT Radio

AFGT Radio! La mejor radio de Guatemala con los mejores locutores! Escúchanos! Sólo en

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Radio-animes, la radio de la génération otaku ! Sur notre radio retrouvez : - Opening - Ending - Bgm - J-pop - Actu-Mangas - diverses émissions Site Web :

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I'm Souldennis from Greece. I created this web radio station for all the fans of soul music.

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