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Marianas Trench


It takes some real cojones to include the word 'Masterpiece' in your album title, but Josh Ramsay isn't too worried. "I suppose I could be digging myself into a hole calling the record Masterpiece Theatre," he chuckles, "but it's tongue-in-cheek. And I'm not the kind of person that people would assume as being an egomaniac. I hope not, anyway." Given his feverish imagination and comprehensive musical gifts, Ramsay could probably get away with a little egomania.

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Just Rock It ! Le rock autrement ! Nouveautés (news), légendes du rock (rock legends), live, bootlegs, versions rock exclusives (exclusive rock versions)...

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Nawak Station

La Webradio de toutes les découvertes Pop Rock Electro!!

Play this radio station ist "Music of your Life". Hier hörst du Songs, die in deinem Leben eine große Rolle gespielt haben, die du aber lange nicht im Radio gehört hast. bringt dir Classic Hits, aber auch jede Menge neue Künstler.

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La Licorne Nostalgique

La Licorne Nostalgique, c'est de la pop, du rock, du country-pop, bref, c'est tous les styles! Que ce soit du tempo lent ou du gros "beat", La Licorne Nostalgique en joue! Pour des demandes spéciales, écrivez-moi sur la page Facebook "La Licorne Nostalgique" Bonne écoute :)

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