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Anni B Sweet

Anni B Sweet

Anni B Sweet is the stage name of Ana López Rodríguez (born 1987 in Málaga), an indie and folk singer-songwriter.López has been composing songs since the age of seven and in her teenage years performed in a number of bands with her friends. In 2007, Anni started to perform as a solo artist and word of her spread among music fans through MySpace. In 2008, she was signed by Subterfuge Records, Spain's biggest independent label, with whom she released her debut album Start, Restart, Undo the following year. Anni was offered the chance to perform at the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim in 2009 before having released her album. This was followed up by a massive tour of Spain and several other countries. In October 2009, Anni's acoustic cover version of Take On Me, by A-Ha was used on a television advert for a major fast food chain. She was also voted Artist Sensation of 2009 by El País online.


Hot tracks

Anni B Sweet - A Sarcastic Hello

A Sarcastic Hello


Anni B Sweet - Take On Me

Take On Me


Anni B Sweet - Motorway



Coque Malla Feat. Anni B Sweet - No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti


Anni B Sweet - Watch Me Shoot You

Watch Me Shoot You