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Adrian Thaws (born January 27, 1968), better known as Tricky, is a rapper and musician from England who is important in the scene (despite loathing the tag) and remains influential on the scene more generally. He is noted for an asthmatic whispering lyrical style that is half-rapped, half-sung. As a producer and a musician he is known for having an aversion to perfection preferring to build up a dark, rich and layered sound. Culturally, Tricky bridges white and black Britain particularly in his fusion of and , high art and pop culture.

Albums Tricky

23 played on Radionomy

  • Blowback

  • Maxinquaye

  • Vulnerable

  • Pre Millennium Tension

  • Angels with Dirty Faces

  • A Ruff Guide

  • A Ruff Guide To

  • Evolution Revolution Love

  • Mission Accomplished

  • Juxtapose

  • For Real

  • Money Greedy/Broken Homes

  • Broken Homes

  • Makes Me Wanna Die

  • Christiansands

  • Pre-Millennium Tension

  • Nearly God

  • Poems

  • Grassroots

  • Tricky Presents Grassroots

  • Pumpkin

  • Overcome

  • Aftermath