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BioIvy co-founder Andy Chase released Brookville's second album, Life in the Shade, on June 13, 2006, on his own label, Unfiltered Records. The album was recorded in New York at Stratosphere Sound, which is co-owned by Chase, Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy) and James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle). Life in the Shade is the follow-up to 2003's critically acclaimed Wonderfully Nothing. Characterizing Brookville as a way to scratch a creative itch he can't quite reach with his other projects, including Paco, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Chase explains, "As an artistic experience, it's incredibly satisfying, and I don't think there's anything closer to my heart."Iha and Schlesinger contributed performances to the album, a highly collaborative effort that owes much of its easy-to-get-lost-in sonic depth to Cyril Moisson. The Paris-based sound editor, who is one of Chase's closest friends, lent his prowess as a multi-instrumentalist and brought his expertise in composition, programming and production to the proceedings as well. Other guests include Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter, Eric Matthews (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals) and members of the Brazilian Girls (Didi Gutman and Sabina Sciubba). Greg Pliska (Hem) arranged and conducted much of the album's gorgeous, transporting string passages. Chase, meanwhile, shared mixing duties with Steve Osborne (the Cure, New Order, Doves)."I'm singing on this album, and as a result there's so much freedom in the writing," Chase says. "With Ivy, Dominique is my muse but also my mouthpiece; I write lyrics that she feels represent her, and that means exploring more universal experiences. In that setting I'm also co-writing with Adam, so, in a sense, my original creative impulses have to go through two security checks, and that can be frustrating. Brookville allows me to be completely uncensored. There are no compromises. It's a bit cathartic, and the results are very personal, very specific to me."To be sure, Brookville's thematic preoccupations are uniquely Chase's. Yet he's quick to acknowledge his collaborators. He credits Moisson with, among other things, "having these wonderfully strange influences." "Cyril's really into [modern French composer\] Erik Satie," Chase says, "and a lot of obscure European music I don't know. He keeps everything interesting." Moisson, in turn, praises Chase: "Andy is very reactive and very quick ... he can take small elements of your work and turn it into a basic song in a few minutes. He's always positive about propositions, so you feel comfortable to experiment and you can trust him to keep the best parts.""Working on material for Brookville is one of the most intuitive things I do," Chase says. "It allows me to follow every path I start down. The final result is as close as I can possibly come to realizing what was in my head when I conceived these things. That's why this music is so important to me. Then again, sometimes I think it's just a pretext for Cyril and I to hang out."Brookville toured with Goldfrapp in support of Wonderfully Nothing.Chase released his third Brookville album, Broken Lights, in September 2009.


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