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Marbert Rocel

Marbert Rocel

Centaurs, the last inhabitants of Atlantis, pearl divers of the sky, ligers, hybrids of birds, dolphins and walnuts, triplets of chocolate or flying tambourines? Yes, you'll find all of that in Marbert Rocel!.... »What doesn't fit into a single sentence won't appear in our music.«.... It all started with the broken TV in Malik's and Panthera's flat. Extreme boredom was taking over so the two began training dogs in deceptively real imitations of bass drums and Fender Rhodes. But as the dogs weren't that committed to sticking around for the arrangement of the tracks, they got the boot and Marbert Rocel focussed on MPC and computer instead. With all their remaining dog food they moved into a studio that the nightingale Spunk had chosen for her nesting site.....»We built a beautiful golden cage next to a microphone, furnished it with silk and brocade, locked it carefully with a paint brush and released our first album 'Speed Emotions' on Compost Records in 2007.«- A flash of lightning!...Over the course of the last 525,601 minutes Malik and Panthera took turns in counting backwards while Spunk lived in disguise with a bird family next to the sports ground. All the experiences they gatherd were jammed into a big box with a window and Marbert Rocelreleased 'Catch A Bird' in 2009 on Compost Records.»We listen to rap, love jazz and like it best to dance to house. Spunk also enjoys changing tyres on monster trucks. There is no well defined style - we're just making music in major with chords in minor.«....Exhilarating, but always with a stroke of bittersweet pain.At the moment we are working on a new album and spinning around together with Mathias Kaden…


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