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Howard Carpendale

Howard Carpendale

Howard Carpendale (* 14 January 1946 in Durban, South Africa) is a South African-German singer.LifeCarpendale is a Pop singer, sings his most songs in German language. He has two sons (Wayne Carpendale and Cass Carpendale) His 1979 song Nachts, wenn alles schläft was among the 50 biggest selling singles in Germany for that year. Till now he released 37 regular Albums (Live Albums and Compilations not include), most of them charted in the German Album Top 10 and sell Gold (100.000 +) in Germany.


Hot tracks

Howard Carpendale - Na Und

Na Und


Howard Carpendale - Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1

Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1


Howard Carpendale - Hello Again

Hello Again


Howard Carpendale - Deine Spuren Im Sand

Deine Spuren Im Sand