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Matia Bazar

Matia Bazar

Matia Bazar is an Italian musical group formed in Genoa in 1975. The original members of the group are Piero Cassano, Aldo Stellita and Carlo Marrale. Antonella Ruggiero was the first singer in the group. The group represented Italy in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest with a song called Raggio di luna.Ti Sento was their major hit. It was number one in Belgium and Italy.VocalsAntonella Ruggiero - 1975-1989Laura Valente - 1990-1998Silvia Mezzanotte - 1999-2004, 2010-presentRoberta Faccani - 2005-2010InstrumentsPiero Cassano - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards (1975-1981, 1999-present)Giancarlo Golzi - drums (1975-present)Aldo Stellita - bass guitar (1975-1998)Carlo Marrale - 1975-1994Mauro Sabbione- 1981-1984Sergio Cossu - 1984-1998Fabio Perversi - keyboards, violin, backing vocals (1999-present)


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