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Stephen Wilkinson (born 1978), better known as Bibio, is an English music producer. His music is primarily electronic and experimental in nature. He currently releases music on the Warp Records label, and previously on Mush Records.Mush releasesPrevious to Warp, Bibio was signed to American independent label Mush Records. His debut album, fi, was released in February 2005; his second, Hand Cranked, in 2006, was followed by Vignetting the Compost in 2009.Ambivalence AvenueBibio's fourth studio album, his first with Warp Records, was released on 22 June 2009. Ambivalence Avenue is arguably his most critically lauded album to date; it was described as his "most creative and penetrating release yet."The Apple And The ToothBibio's second album on Warp Records, The Apple and the Tooth, comprises four new tracks and eight remixes of tracks from Ambivalence Avenue. It was released on 9 November 2009 and saw Wilkinson compared to such artists as Gil Scott Heron. The four original tracks were described as "expert, full of electronic papier-mache layers of arpeggiated guitars, glitchy drum patterns and joyful percussive samples," by The Guardian.Mind BokehBibio's sixth studio album - his third studio release on Warp Records - was released on March 29, 2011 in the US and April 4th in the UK. Wilkinson described the album as a "balance of the familiar and the non-familiar". Talking about Mind Bokeh, he said, "I think that when I finished 'Ambivalence Avenue' one thing I wanted to focus on was the use of synthesisers and drum machines more, so it's going to lend itself to an electric sounding album rather than an acoustic album." Instrumentally, it consists of "folding twinkly keyboards, crackly loops, and gently insistent beats" making "tracks that are evocative and detailed enough to reveal more with repeated listens".Bokeh is a photographic term that describes the blur of the out-of-focus area in an image.Wilkinson explains that the album title was chosen to represent different forms of consciousness; of the artwork he explains "The crystal clear representation of a moment isn't necessarily the most interesting. Think about when you look at your parents' old photographs - it's not an exact image of how they look; it's like a stained glass window into how they look."Silver WilkinsonSilver Wilkinson is the name of Bibio’s seventh studio album, released through Warp Records on 14 May 2013.On December 3rd 2013, Warp and Bibio announced a follow up to the album titled 'The Green E.P.', set to be released on January 27 (28 in North America)"I wanted to do a follow up EP with ‘Dye The Water Green’ as it is my favourite track off Silver Wilkinson and I also have a lot of music in my archives that would complement the track well" - BibioVisual workStephen Wilkinson creates the majority of the artwork for Bibio - namely for The Apple And The Tooth, Mind Bokeh, and Silver Wilkinson. He also works on videography, having created the film for his Mind Bokeh album sampler, and co-directing the video for “Excuses” with Michael Robinson.


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