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Kevin Yost


Kevin Yost was a musical child, who at a very early age demonstrated a keen sense of rhythm. This quickly grew into a love of playing drums and soon after keys. Listening to his father's Chuck Mangione records, his love of music continued to grow throughout his youth. Yet his small rural farm town in Waynesboro, PA USA had no outlets to develop a child’s skill, and thus he turned to self-instruction over formal education.

Albums Kevin Yost

11 played on Radionomy

  • Future Flashback Remixed

  • Future Flashback

  • Bongo Madness

  • Hypnotic Progressions

  • Road Less Traveled

  • Straight Outa the Boon Dox

  • Small Town Underground

  • One Starry Night (disc 1)

  • One Starry Night (disc 2: the Remixes)

  • If She Only Knew

  • One Starry Night