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Toshihiko Sahashi


Toshihiko Sahashi born November 12, 1959 in Tokyo, Japan is an accomplished Japanese composer. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1986. Sahashi has composed music for various anime series (including OVAs, movies, and drama CDs), video games, movies, dramas, and musicals. The style of his composition is richly symphonic and classical (occasionally jazz). The use of sophisticated compositional techniques, as well as complicated harmony writing such as fugue can be often heard in his work, demonstrating his solid training in the western classical music.

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Radio manga. Retrouve les plus grands mangas de ces dernières années, découvre ceux que tu as manqués et les dernières nouveautés. Op, ed, BGM, ... d'animes et de quelques jeux vidéos. Subarashii, c'est ta radio consacrée à l'animation japonaise ! FB :

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Radio-animes, la radio de la génération otaku ! Sur notre radio retrouvez : - Opening - Ending - Bgm - J-pop - Actu-Mangas - diverses émissions Site Web :

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Los CDZ La Leyenda Radio es una estación de radio dedicada Sait Seiya mejor conocido como Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco Con grandes contenidos, los mejores locutores y por supuesto la Discografía de Saint Seiya Y TU HAS SENTIDO EL PODER DEL COSMOS !!

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