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The Twang


The Twang are an indie rock band from Birmingham, England, formed in 2001. The end of 2006 saw one of those moments in the UK music scene. Unheard of until October of the year, by December, a five piece band called The Twang were the subject of discussion in the pages of the NME, the message boards of a hundred band sites, the A & R departments of pretty much every record label of size in the UK whilst their demos were being played on BBC Radio One in the middle of the day.

Albums The Twang

10 played on Radionomy

  • Essential Festival: The Twang

  • Essential Festival: The Twang (International Version)

  • Push The Ghosts

  • Two Lovers (Redanka's Sixty-Eight Vocal Remix)

  • Two Lovers

  • Wide Awake (UK Comm CD 2 Track)

  • Love It When I Feel Like This

  • Either Way

  • Wide Awake

  • Countryfication