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When the post-hardcore band, Chiodos, formed in Davidson, Michigan, in the early 2000s, they called themselves, The Chiodos Brothers. This name was a shout-out to the brothers who made the film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space , a sci-fi horror comedy movie that was made in 1988. After performing shows at Flint Local 432 music venue for a few years and releasing three EPs, the band changed their name to, simply, Chiodos. In 2005, they released their first album, entitled, All's Well That Ends Well . Popular songs on the album included, "Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek" and "The Words ‘Best Friend' Become Redefined." The album made the Billboard 200 chart and was #3 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.Starting in 2006, the band performed on several tours with well-known bands like, Matchbook Romance, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Alice in Chains. They released their second album, Bone Palace Ballet , in 2007, and it immediately rose to #5 on the Billboard 200. The album included the popular songs, "The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge is Unquenchable" and "Lexington." In 2009, band members decided to let lead singer Craig Owens go. The next year, they announced that their new lead singer would be Brandon Bolmer from the band, Yesterday's Rising. Chiodos' third album was released in 2011, and although not quite as popular as, Bone Palace Ballet , the album, named, Illuminaudio , still reached the 37th spot on the Billboard 200. Shortly thereafter, Bolmer and drummer Tanner Wayne decided to leave Chiodos, which paved the way for Owens to return to the band along with former drummer Derrick Frost. Their fourth album was released in April 2014 and featured the single, "Ole Fishlips is Dead Now."


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