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Alexandre Pires

Alexandre Pires

Alexandre Pires do Nascimento (born January 8, 1976 in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is a Brazilian singer. Pires was previously the singer of group Só Pra Contrariar which he joined in the late 80s.Pires began his career playing a new and more apelative style of samba that is known as Pagode and more romantic too that used to be known as Samba-canção and now is known as Samba Romântico. After his rhythm and melody started to become a little more romantic. He crossed the vertent known as "Pagode Romântico" and then he jumped to Samba-canção his favourite style. The Sambas-canção most famous are "Depois do Prazer" and "Tudo tem A ver" with a lot of influences of Brazilian Country Music ("Sertaneja"). The pagodes that are the most famous are "Quando é Amor", "A barata" and "Mineirinho" produced with the group Só Pra Contrariar. At that time, he received also a lot the influences of Cauby Peixoto, Ângela Maria and Agnaldo Rayol, mainly because his father was one of the best friends of Cauby Peixoto, according to a conversation with Pires at TV also edited at the internet. When he finished his last album with the group he produced also Romantic pop and Latin music.After several albums in Portuguese, the band released a very successful album in 1999 titled Juegos de Amor. The album included the hit song "Santo Santo" featuring Gloria Estefan.In 1998, Pires co-starred in the critically panned film Cinderela Baiana, alongside his then-girlfriend, Carla Perez.In 2001, Pires released his first solo album to much success. He has continued to release albums both in Portuguese and in Spanish achieving several hits in Latin charts.In 2007, he released a tribute album to Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. That 2007, he met and had a duet on the song titled "Junto A Ti" with Kika Edgar from the telenovela Bajo las Riendas del Amor.Non-original musicSome musics of Alexandre Pires are not of his own creation. They are music from foreigner artists with different lyrics. They are:Estrela Cadente - Created after A-ha's Hunting High And Low.Minha Fantasia - Created after Lenny Kravitz's It Ain't Over 'til It's Over.Eva Meu Amor - Created after Paul Young's Everytime You Go Away.Um Mundo Ideal - Created after Brad Kane & Lea Salonga's A Whole New World.A Musa das Minhas Canções - Created after Toni Braxton's Spanish Guitar.


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