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Paralisis Permanente

Paralisis Permanente

BiographyThe band was originally formed by Eduardo Benavente (guitars) and Nacho Canut, formerly from Alaska y los Pegamoides with their siblings Javier Benavente (vocals) and Johnny Canut (drums) around 1981. This formation recorded an EP, later included in their 1995 compilation Singles y Primeras Grabaciones.After Javier left the band, Eduardo Benavente began to be the lead singer, as well as the guitarist. Their sound started to be more obscure, deferring from the Pegamoides original sound and tending more to the wave of bands as Gabinete Caligari.In November 1981 they recorded their first album, which was edited with the company Tic-Tac from Navarra in January 1982. The EP was shared with Gabinete Caligari and included some hits like Autosuficiencia (accompanied by the only music video they recorded) and Tengo un pasajero. It was later re-released by the record company DRO, and also by Tres Cipreses with a new cover art featuring two characters from the film Freaks.Later they released an EP with 4 tracks, amongst them their most famous song Quiero ser Santa, and Un día en Texas, based on the film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.After Nacho Canut's departure for joining the band Dinarama, bassist Rafa Balmaseda, formerly from the bands Glutamato Ye-Yé and Derribos Arias, and keyboardist Ana Curra, ex Pegamoide, join the band.In July 1982, they record the tracks for their next LP El Acto, in which they explore a more obscure and dark wave of punk, being for many the pioneers of the post-punk movement in Spain. The album featured covers in Spanish for the songs Heroes by David Bowie (Héroes) and I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges (Quiero ser tu Perro). In spite of the independent release of the album, they achieved success in the Spanish Music Charts.Their last single Nacidos para Dominar was released in 1983, and that year Eduardo, Ana and then drummer Toti had a car crash, causing the instant death of Eduardo Benavente and the hospitalization of Ana Curra, forcing the band to drop a gig in a festival in Zaragoza.


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Parálisis Permanente - Quiero Ser Santa

Quiero Ser Santa