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Os Resentidos

Os Resentidos

Os Resentidos (The Resentfuls) was a Galician rock band founded in 1984 by Antón Reixa, Alberto Torrado, and Javier Soto. Javier later left the band, being replaced by Xabier Debesa. Os Resentidos disbanded in 1994.They always sang in Galician—except for their hit "Rockin' Chair", in English—claiming the use of this endangered idiom all over Spain. . Their influences ranged from funk, Caribbean, African, and classic rock music to traditional Galician folk songs and period Hip hop, of which they were considered pioneers in Spain. The singing technique of Reixa, a well-known Galician poet and filmmaker, was similar to that of Old school hip hop, perhaps because he never was taught to sing. The instrumentation ranged from traditional Galician bagpipes (gaitas) to synthesizers, electric guitars, and bass.Their most recognizable hit was "Fai un Sol de Carallo" (1986), a folk-inflected politic-danceable rock song. Other famous songs included "Galicia Sitio Distinto" and "Galicia Express", criticizing the state of Galicia with surreal lyrics. Their 1990 album Jei (the title song parodying the form of singing of Julio Iglesias) was critically acclaimed and was declared the best national album of the year by Rockdelux magazine.


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