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There have been various artists under the name Elizabeth. 1. A French chanson singer from the 1960s. 2. A Canadian Rock band. (See below) 3. A Band from Oxford(uk) who later changed their name to “The Edmund Fitzgerald” From early on, Elizabeth has been known as the band that exists outside the indie rock orthodoxy. Something about this Vancouver, BC quartet's unabashed embrace of great English songwriting and vocal rejection of the trendy trappings of contemporary indie dogma (read: whiney vocals and chintzy synths) raises the ire of the self-appointed keepers of cool.

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Los Mimos

Radio en internet con la mejor música romántica de todos los tiempos

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ITALOPOWER! - 80s & New generation Italo Disco hits and rarities - 24/7 - Dance to the finest italo beats on the web!

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Sweet KPOP

Korean songs 24h/24 et 7j/7 (7d/7) non-stop. (not only Kpop, it's only the webstation's name...) --- Busy with school. I apologize... TT__TT --- Follow Sweet KPOP on Twitter:

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Canciones Del Ayer Radio ©

Retro en español 60s, 70s, 80's y selecciones de los 90s. Radio Ayer una emisora de Radio Ayer | Las 24 horas compartiendo tus recuerdos.

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Cafe Romantico Radio

Melodías Románticas del ayer con aroma a Café y algo más... Música para los amores de todas las edades, de todas las épocas, de toda la vida...

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Poptastic Radio

Poptastic Radio plays an unique mix of Britpop/Classic Rock/Indie from Famous and New Artists.

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IRM Radio

Indie pop, shoegaze, post-punk, krautrock, IDM, hip-hop, soul/funk, jazz, noise, metal & extreme music, ambient, soundtracks, oldies... all the classics, essential tracks and discoveries of the IRM team broadcasted 24/7 on Radionomy ! | | Today's schedule (french time) :

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Radio Spot and Web

La radio del mondo della comunicazione

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Simply earresistible! *** earresistible brings you plenty of rock, pop, indie and the hits of today. *** Watch out for our topic shows! *** You'll find the preliminary schedule in the news section!

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i grandi successi anni 70' 80' 90'.Today, dalla radio in tutto relax !

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Evolution_st radio


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Radio Mr Dj

La mejor musica del planeta

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Eclipse De Amor

Somos un cálido refugio hecho para gente maravillosa, una emisora donde poder dar y recibir a manos llenas mucho cariño, amistad, música y amor..... Nos encontrarás en Facebook aquí:

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